Artists & Performers

To help give Worthshop attendees a sense of place and to enhance their stay, we’ve arranged for a series of on-site art experiences at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, featuring two local artists presented by Tiffany’s Art Agency, located in nearby Hawi. A pop-up gallery and demonstration by local printmaker Andrea Pro is available to all Worthshop attendees in the hotel’s Lloyd Sexton Gallery from 9 to noon each morning. On the hotel’s beautiful grounds, local artist and plein air landscape painter Christian Enns can be found outside working with his brushes and canvas.


Andrea Pro, Printmaker


Presented by Tiffany’s Art Agency

Dec. 14 & 15 | 9 am - 12 pm

Hawaii’s native species are lovingly captured in Andrea Pro’s detailed, original woodblock prints. Through her works you’ll discover the intricacies of Hawaii’s dryland forest ecosystem and coral reefs. Each chisel mark is masterfully cut and each completed print tells a story. Andrea will be showing you how. Her works enrich lives and collections around the globe, while also documenting that which is so distinctly Hawaii.

Christian Enns, Plein Air Painter

Presented by Tiffany’s Art Agency

Dec. 13 - 15 | throughout WS8

An award-winning surfer, Christian Enns captures Hawaii’s landscapes like no-one else. Dramatic vistas. Rocky shorelines. Christian’s bold, colorful works take you on a journey—transporting you directly back to Hawaii and the way you feel when in this paradise. He often starts “en plein air” (outdoors), seeing the way the light changes and the waves dance, then translates what he sees on to canvas. You’ll get to witness his progress as he paints on site during WS8. Each brushstroke reveals his mastery of the subject at hand, his appreciation for the beauty of this island, and for sharing it collectors around the globe.