Music & Entertainment

We’ve incorporated plenty of time for mingling with industry pros at Worthshop 8. Evening events take advantage of the exceptional venue, grounds and beachside location of the legendary Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. Rolling great lawns, oceanside soirées, musical performances, local ingredients, Hawaiian trade winds and a canopy of lush trees showcase this spectacular location along the edge of the calm Kauna‘oa Bay. More than just a conference, Worthshop 8 delivers fun, entertainment, unique performances and intriguing fireside chats about everything under the stars.


Pau Hana Cocktails

Dec. 14 & 15  |  5pm - 7pm

Imagine yourself cooled by the prevailing tradewinds, while sipping tropical pau hana cocktails that lead into a relaxed evening of dining on the beachfront lawn.

Starlight, Moonlight & Music

Dec. 14 & 15  |  7pm - 1am

Enjoy moonlit musical performances, fireside chats & dancing under the stars, lulled by the sounds of the ocean on the nearby shoreline.


Citizen Cope

Analog Party | Dec. 14 | 8pm

Dug deep into the rich soil of American music, Cope’s roots are complex. You may think of Bill Withers or Neil Young or John Lee Hooker or Van Morrison or Willie Nelson or Al Green. Yet, listening to Cope, you also may think of none of the above. You may not think at all, but rather feel a man exposing stories that haunt his heart.

"...Cope melds hip-hop with folk, soul and blues...and 'feels' this combination deeply....Cope's uncommon chords and harmonies combine delicate dissonance with unexpected flashes of beauty..."

-Rolling Stone



Wrap Party | Dec. 15 | 8pm

“I’ve been singing since I could speak, I’ve always loved music. Ever since I was six years old I would make up tons of little songs in my journals, I still have them to this day. I learned my first instrument in the 5th grade when I decided that I wanted to do my school’s Talent Show— I was always a very shy kid and my mom knew that I would be terrified standing in front of a huge audience, so she taught me 4 simple chords on the ukulele. As the last act of the night, I played “Let it Be” by The Beatles and completely shocked everyone. The moment that everyone stood up cheering, I knew that music was what I wanted to do.”


Eli Smart

Wrap Party | Dec. 15 | 8pm

“It's hard to write a bio when you're only a wee nineteen year old, so let's start from the top. I first picked up an ukulele when I was three, I still have it with my teeth marks and all. Then came bass when I was eight which lead to my interest in guitar and drums. I am now majoring in music at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. It's a long way from home on Kaua'i and my family, but I'm loving being out in the big wide world of music.”