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Today you’re planting the seeds of your tomorrow.

Worthshop 8 delivers inspiration, creative ideation, and forums for exchanging ideas. Each year, Worthshop takes shape around one essential idea that focuses the event and leads the charge into the New Year. This year, we’ll be sowing the seeds for 2019 with a powerful theme – Cultiv8.

In a constantly changing landscape, it’s sometimes difficult to know which direction to take or where to concentrate your time and energy to yield the best results. Cultivating your most distinctive attributes and unique strengths is a surefire way to differentiate yourself and your business and outshine competitors. Doubling down on what you do best and what makes you different can be one of the most effective strategies for growth.

What will you cultiv8 in the coming year? What makes you unique? Whether it’s your world travels, your education, your deep love of architecture or your ability to connect easily with clients, our speakers will help you cultivate your most authentic and powerful assets and use them to your advantage. Join us at Worthshop 8 and learn to cultivate your greatest strengths for an authentic and compelling personal brand.


verb (used with object), cultivated, cultivating.


Mid 17th century: from medieval Latin cultivat- ‘prepared for crops’, from the verb cultivare "to till", from cultiva (terra) ‘arable (land)’, from colere ‘cultivate, inhabit’.

  1. to promote or improve the growth of by labor and attention.

  2. to produce by or through culture

  3. to develop or improve by education or training

  4. to devote oneself to

  5. to endeavor to acquire or develop a quality or skill

  6. to endeavor to win the friendship or favor of

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